Address Book or Contacts action | Fastcard

How to: be added to your clients address book

Would you like your clients to save your contact info in a few clicks from your Fastcard? Easy-peasy.

First, go to edit your Fastcard. Click on the “Links” button, on the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

A list of actions will be displayed, click on "Contacts" to add it, and then add your information. All the contact info that you place in this space will be predetermined when your clients click and open

Would you like to have another Contact icon? It’s ok. Just click on “Change” below the current icon and choose the one you prefer.

Don’t forget to write the subtitle you want and the button text of your preference.

You can also upload your contact’s best picture by clicking on the icon next to the “First Name” section. Is your contact a brand? Upload the brand's best image then.

After adding all the contact data, your clients will be able to see this information and save it on their phone from your Fastcard.

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