Can I remove or edit the share button of the Fastcard? | Fastcard

Can I remove or edit the share button of the Fastcard?

Yes, you can always remove or edit the text of the share option on any of your Fastcards, even though we recommend you don't remove it because it gives the opportunity to your customers to easily share it thus, reaching more people. 


To edit your Share button: (Really simple)

  1. Click on the Share text box and add your text, and remember that your share text will always be required as long as it is shown on your Fastcard. 

TIP: Maintain your text short with a maximum of 3 words. 


To remove your Share button:

While editing your Fastcard, Go to Config. on the left side of the screen. 

  1. Look for the option Show share option under Add-ons and deselect it. 


NOTE: To show your share button again go to the config section and select "Show share button" 


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