How to Add a Facebook Pixel and events to my Fastcard

How to Add a Facebook Pixel and events to my Fastcard

Adding a Facebook pixel to your Fastcard will help you track events happening on your Fastcard as it would do it on a regular Website. It also would help you to retarget your Fastcard's visitors on Facebook Ad Campaigns. 

Follow these simple steps to add a FB pixel and events to your fastcards.


Create a new Pixel in your Facebook business manager account. If you don't know how please visit: Create a Facebook Pixel in Business Manager. 
After following those steps, please select the option of "Manually add the pixel code to my website."


Next, click on continue, as you won't need the code shown. 


Then Facebook will ask you to set up your events using their event tool, but we're not going to set up events just yet. Please click "Cancel."

Now, select the pixel you're going to be using, copy the ID, and open it on "Event Manager." 

Now, select the pixel you're going to be using, copy the ID, and open it on "Event Manager." 

Now, select the pixel you're going to be using, copy the ID, and open it on "Event Manager."


 Before continuing,  paste the Pixel ID you just copied onto your Fastcard
Go to the Fastmind platform, and to edit your Fastcard. Then click on Config on the left side of the platform, paste the ID on the Facebook ID box, and update your Fastcard. 


Sometimes Facebook takes some time to "connect" the pixel with the Fastcard if you don't see your Pixel in the event manager like this after pasting the ID on your Fastcard, just wait a few minutes and refresh.
Now let's add events to your Fastcard. 

Now let's add events to your Fastcard.

1. First, Click on Add Events and then on "From the pixel".


2. Now, click on the event on the "Open setup" Tool button

3. Paste your Fastcard URL and click "Open Website" 
4. Your Fastcard is going to open on a new page so you can select the events or the URL you want to track. To add events Click on the "Track new button" 

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