How to create a fastcard

How to create a fastcard

We know you're busy, so we want to help you to get your fastcard up and running as quickly as possible. This article contains a step by step mini manual to create your first Fastcard.

After signing in for the first time, there are two ways of creating your Fastcard. 

  1. Click on the + New card button at the top right corner of the page

  2. Click on the Start Now button at the end of the page. 

1 step create fastcard


Start designing your Fastcard following these simple steps. 

  1. Pick a Title; this will be shown at the top of the card. 

  2. Pick a Subtitle to give your customers some extra information. (We recommend a max. of 15 characters)

3 step create fastcard

      3. Upload an image (jpg, png) or add a video using a youtube link

4 step create fastcard

      4. Customize your share text to invite your customers to share your card

5 step create fastcard


Now, time to add actions (Go to links)!

1. Click on the Open links panel button, and choose an action. 

6 New FC

6 add link2

2. Add your Link title, subtitle (optional), call-to-action button text, and the link to where you will like to take your customers when selecting that action. You can add as many links as you want. We recommend 4 min. 6 max

8 New FC 

  3. If you're using a blank link from the general section of the Links panel, you will have to change the icon to be able to save your Fastcard. Upload your own or choose one from our icon gallery.

9 New FC


Once you have selected all your ‘actions’ it’s time to tune up your Fastcard! 

1. Go to the ‘Themes’ option and choose a background color and a background image for the desktop version.

NOTE: If you choose a background color but not a background image, your desktop version will have the background color that you chose.

10 New FC


2. After you finish customizing your Fastcard, click on the ‘'SAVE’’  Blue button at the top of the screen. 

11 New FC


After saving a pop-up will come up with options to share your Fastcard, copy your link, view your Fastcard live or go to your Dashboard. 

*We will provide you with a URL that you can customize if you'd like, it is not mandatory. 

Important Note: A URL name can only be used once. 



12 New FC


                                      Now you're ready to start using your Fastcard! 🎉

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