How to create Campaigns | Fastcard

How to create Campaigns

How to Create a Campaign: Step-by-Step

One of the best features this platform has is the creation of campaigns. It will give you the opportunity to organize, analyze, and customize each of them.


Create a Campaign:

  1. Log in to your Fastcard admin page
  2. Find the Campaign option and the top left of your page and click:
  3. Then you will see the main site for all your campaigns, to create a new one just click on the upper right where it says "New Campaign":
  4. Now you can add all the information you have for your campaign:

    Mandatory fields:
    Start and End date (this is important because the analytics will be attached to it)
    Name of your Campaign

    Secondary information (this is not mandatory, but it will help to calculate your CPC): Budget / CPM / CTR exp

  5. Now your campaign its been created and you can see it in your Campaign Dashboard:

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