How to link your GTM ID to your Fastcard using Google Tag Manager | GTM ID

How to link your GTM ID to your Fastcard using Google Tag Manager

This article will help link your Fastcard to a GTM ID through Google Tag Manager

When linking your GTM ID with the Fastcard, you must know that the "action or click" made by the user can be anywhere in the box that frames the option presented in the Fastcard.

When you do not link the box entirely to GTM, you will have a discrepancy in the information you will see in GTM vs. the Fastcard analytics.



Open Google Tag Manager 

  1. Click on "New"

2. Select "All elements."

3. Select " Some clicks."

4. Choose "Click element," and "Matches CSS selector"  to be able to do that first change the conditions of when the trigger is going to fire to "Choose Built-in Variable," and select "Click element."

In this section, you must add the ID of each of the actions within the Fastcard, to find it follow these steps:

Go to the page of the Fastcard Desktop version, right click and select "Inspect", and then expand the following options: <body style=" then, expand <div id=" then <div> , then expand <div class=", again <div class=", once more <div class=", and finally expand <ul class=".

Proceed to select the ID from the full box (as shown in the image below) and copy it.

To correctly identify each button and cell by its ID, it must be configured as follows; Put an # at the beginning of the ID and then at the end separated by a space a  *

Use the "+" to add all the ID's that will go into the configuration.


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