How to: Use the Google Maps link | Fastcard

How to: Use the Google Maps link

The Google Map is here to let your audience know the exact address where they can find you or your store. And it's handy, especially when you have more than one store at the same address, but with a different location (like in a Mall or an Airport). And the system will let them know which is the nearest to their current location.

If you want to provide your precise location with this action, just go to your Fastcard and click on the Links button. Select Google Map and fulfill the following sections:

Add a title. This section is required to give your client with an idea of what the button is about. Remember that a subtitle is optional. Don't be shy if you have a nice idea for it.

Tip: The button text is a must to set a name for the action.

Select how you want to add your location; It could address; the specific latitude and longitude, or multiple locations if more than one applies.

Finally, enter an address or your location name. That's it. Your client will be able to find you by using Google Map from your Fastcard.

Don't forget to click on the Update button to save everything.

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