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“Mobility” link (Single, Multiple, or LatLon)

It's essential to let your clients know where to find you. That is why we have the mobility feature.

Here's the step-by-step on how to add your location to your fastcards.
  1. Create a new Fastcard or go to any Fastcard in which you want to show your location, and click on "Edit."

  1. Now click the "Links" button on the bar on the left side of the screen.

  2. A list of actions you can add will be displayed. Go to the bottom and select "Mobility."

  1. Now, give your mobility action a title; something that tells your customers that they can visit you or go to your store, e.x. "Find us" or "Visit our store."

Note: When your customers click on this action, they will see different ways to get to your location.
  1. Adding a subtitle is optional, but it allows you to offer more information to your customers.

  2. Change the action icon to match your branding style; this is optional too.

  3. Enter your address or location name. Try to be as precise as possible. You can also enter the exact latitude and longitude if necessary or choose to use the multiple locations option.

Tip: the Multiple Locations option is great when you have multiple stores or meeting points with the same name.

  1. If you don't want to use all the mobility services shown, erase them by clicking on the trash icon. To add one of the services again, click on Add new link and hit accept.

Note: Not all countries offer the same mobility services, so click on Auto select if you'd like our servers to choose the appropriate services for your region.
Note 2: If the map isn’t locating your preferred address. Try writing the destiny name you want to set between quotation marks. Ex: "Motorola Stores." 

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