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Social Search Feature

Have you heard about our Social Search feature?

With this feature, your audience can navigate a minimalist landing page with its own search bar to locate content or keywords. It's a valuable tool to make your posts, and videos, searchable and never lose old publications that you worked so hard to create.

Let's suppose you have a vast number of posts, but you need your audience to look for specific content with a particular hashtag or mention. The Social Search feature will make that search a lot easier.

How can you add this feature?

Easy-peasy. But first, make sure you are logged to the Youtoube channel or Instagram account you'd like to integrate. Ready? Now, go to your FastCard and click the Edit button. Scroll down on the links menu bar at the left until you see a feature called “Social Search”.

Once you’ve selected this feature, now you can fill the data of this link and on the section "Select Social media to use for the search." You'll be able to see Instagram and YouTube's icons.

Let's focus on Instagram right now. Turn Instagram's search bar on. You'll see the Subscribe pop-up.

It will redirect you to the Instagram Sign in window, and then it will automatically come back to your Fastcard builder's page.

Now you see the Connect Accounts pop up. Select your email and click on Connect.

That's it.

You also can filter the hashtags and mentions of specific posts you want to show, so you can leave outside all the themes that don't apply. When you click the white space in the bar, it will automatically show you your top hashtags and the users you mention.

For Youtube is almost the same.  Turn on the bar next to YouTube's icon, you'll  see the Subscribe pop up. Enter the Channel ID.* and finally click on Submit.
You can find your Channel ID on the configuration panel, at the left of your Youtube page, go to Advanced Settings, and there you will see your Channel ID.

In the Connect Account pop-up click the check box with your account name.

 Click the Connect button.

With this feature, you can also have the option to filter the hashtags and mentions of the specific videos you want to show, so you can leave outside all the themes that don't apply. When you click the white space in the bar, it will automatically show you your top hashtags and the users you mention.

Now your Fastcard is ready to offer your clients a social search link that will send them to a minimalistic landing page with a search bar to locate your content the easiest way.

There's a second way to turn the Social Search feature on.

You just have to go to your profile and click on Settings. Do you see that menu on your left? Click on Integrations. You'll be able to see Instagram and Youtube icon. Click on the Connect button. A new pop-up will appear. Now select the account you want to integrate and click Connect.

Remember! You can integrate just one Instagram account or Youtube Channel.

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