Technical requirements | Fastcards

Technical requirements

The creation of the Fastcard is very simple and fast. However, many users want to know about the ''technical specifications'', so here you'll find them:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't worry if your icons or videos are NOT the same size/weight; the platform is designed to adapt the file to meet the requirements. Despite this, sometimes, this may affect the image quality.



To add a background image to the desktop version, the image must have a 16:9 ratio and a maximum size of 1 MB.

NOTE: To add a video use a YouTube link

  1. Titles and subtitles SHOULDN'T exceed 15 characters.
  2. Action Buttons: We recommend the use of action words/verbs, such as BUY, JOIN, SEARCH, GO, etc.

  3. Number of recommended actions: Minimum 4 and maximum 6.

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