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What is a Fastlink?

A Fastlink is a unique link that allows you to redirect all users, visitors, or clients to the most appropriate Fastcard for them, by using just one URL.

In other words, you'll only be using one link to redirect your customers to a specific Fastcard based on previously determined criteria. Hence, they will get precisely what they need how they need it.

Note: Language and Country are the only two parameters you'll be able to set on your Fastlink for now. More parameters will be coming soon.

What is this for?

So, how can you take advantage of this feature?:

Let's say that your brand reaches different countries and language communities, such as Mexico, the US, and Canada. Maybe you have translated content in different Fastcards for each community. One Fastcard is in Spanish, the other is in English, and a third Fastcard is in French. The Fastlink will let the platform recognize and redirect each visitor to the corresponding Fastcard for them.

How can I access this feature?

It's simple. Go into your Fastcard account. Do you see the top navigation bar? There's the section "Fastlink," next to Resources. Click it, and you'll be directed into the section on the platform to set up your Fastlink.

Once you're there, you will see on the top right of your screen the button "+NEW FASTLINK." Click it.

Write the name you want for the Fastlink and add the Fastcard you wish to. If you chose the wrong one, click Update and choose the right one. Ready? Click Save.

Important: Make sure that the Fastcard you choose is the one you actually want before clicking Save. This Fastcard will be immediately selected as your default option for every visitor that does not meet all the conditions you'll add for the following Fastcards.

Tip: If your Fastcards are similar, use tags to identify them and avoid confusion.

After adding your Default Fastcard, you'll be able to add new Fastcards for more specific target visitors. These are the Segments or conditions: Select a country and the language that will be linked to the fastcard. Device types are not available for now, but that segment will be coming soon.

Important: Once you set all the characteristics regarding language and countries for a Fastcard, you cannot modify it. If you made a mistake, you'd need to set it as inactive and create a new Segment.

Change priority

After creating all the segments you wanted, it's also possible to change the priority and set another Fastcard as your default option. If you had information about country and language, these conditions will not be considered because the chosen Fastcard for Default should apply to everybody.

If you deselect that Fastcard as the Default one, the country and language information you set before will be considered again.

Besides that, imagine the following situation:

Let's say you have two Fastcards for people that are in the US. One Fastcard is in English, and the other is in Spanish, but the user visiting your Fastcard has their phone in Chinese? What Fastcard will they be directed to when clicking on the Fastlink?

Easy! They'll go to the Fastcard with the highest priority. In this case, it should be to the Fastcard in English. Click on the Re-order button to prioritize.

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