What is Auto-optimization? | Fastcard

What is Auto-optimization?

Our platform can track all the clicks your clients make on your Fastcard; This means that the platform knows when a specific button has had a lot more interaction than others.

When you enable the Auto Optimization option on your Fastcard, that's only available with the Business and Enterprise Plans, all the links displayed are going to be re-organized according to your clients' preferences every 24 hours.

To be more specific, your links will be organized according to all the interactions registered on the Fastcard on the previous day.

Take this into consideration: remember that you will see the results the following day once you turn the auto-optimization on or off.

Do you want to know how to enable this? Easy:

Go to your Fastcard and click on the Edit button. Now click on the Config button, and you'll see the "Add-ons" list. Select the Auto-optimized option to turn this feature on or off. That's it.

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