What happens if I exceed my plan visits and Fastcards? | Fastcard

What happens if I exceed the number of Fastcards created and/or visits on my account? Should I upgrade my plan?

The number of visits and Fastcards you can create will depend on the plan you're under. If you run out of either, you can always upgrade your plan to keep your users going into your Fastcard and keep creating Fastcards. 

When you run out of visits and haven't upgraded your plan, we'll automatically redirect your visitors to the fallback URL you choose in the configuration panel. 

To add a Fallback URL: 
While editing the Fastcard go to Config on the left side of your screen and then add your URL. The Fallback URL gives you the option to add the URL where you would like to redirect your customers.

When you reach the limit of Fastcards you can create, you will still be able to open, edit, organize existing Fastcards as usual and see your data,  but you won't create new ones.

You can archive existing Fastcards to free up your quota. An archived Fastcard is technically a deactivated Fastcard. When you archive a Fastcard, it will go incognito and will disappear until activated again. To archive a Fastcard, click the three bullet points to the upper right-hand corner of your Fastcard and click "archive." To learn more about Archived Fastcards, go here

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by summiting a ticket here 
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